Basic Game Guide


. Left-click your mouse where you want to move. If you are wearing boots, you can run.
. The movement speed can be different depending on players’ skills, items and mounts.
. Left-click your mouse on a target, if the target is much further then attack distance, your character will move towards the target and attack.
. If you are using long range attacking weapon like bows or throwing weapons, left-click your mouse with the “shift” key to attack without moving towards attacking target.
. To use your skills, you need to first register your skills onto the ‘quick skill slot’ inside the skill window.
. You can use registered skills with the 1~10 or F1~F10 keys. After select your skill, you can use it by right-clicking your mouse.
. Click ‘auto-attacking’ button on your interface or press ‘T’ key to set auto-attacking mode on/off.
. If you left-click your mouse on a target, your character will perform melee attack. For skill attack on a target, right-click your mouse instead.
. Vendors are easily located in towns selling armaments.
. To buy or sell these armaments to a vendor, interact with the vendor by mouse-clicking on them.
. Banks are places for players to store items and gold.
. Trade can be requested to other players simply by pressing the “Ctrl” key and right-clicking on the selected player.
. Continue your transaction by clicking on the “Trade” option as shown on the image below: