Advanced Game Guide


The Legendary – Castle of Noatun:

Hocaer and Arcarony both are attempted to expand their empire, through the study of the ancients history books and relics, and through the long journey made by the expeditions team, the existent of the legendary castle “Castle of Noatun” that is being protected by all Gods is finally being validated.
According to the report from the Hunter “Yashna” who just came back from Naotun said, to go to “Castle of Noatun” One must pass through the “Fartel Desert” which is called “The Land of Death”, he must also defeats those horrifying and powerful monsters in the desert.

Moreover, due to the great love the Thunder God “Thor” has for his peoples, he took away the “Artelow Crown” from the head of “Artelow” who was buried underground, and seal the crown in the middle of “Tower of Thor” before other Gods destroy the Door of Zipphire.

The “Artelow Crown” recorded the wisdom to restore the Door of Zipphire and the divine skills to release the power of “Gods Baptism”, likewise, only the player who get the blessing from the Thunder God “Thor” on top of the “Altar of Thor” can claim the “Artelow Crown”.

“Yashna” who is getting excited describing about the “Tower of Thor” continues with a shivering voice: Even though in the “Castle of Noatun”, the “Tower of Thor” already has no more divine power, but in order to protect the “Artelow Crown”, the Thunder God will kill all the human or animal who try to get close to the “Tower of Thor” relentlessly. Thunder God will use his thunder strikes to kill all who try to approaches in order to protect the crown and to show his mighty power.

But human often forget the past lessons, just like the two kingdoms, Hocaer and Arcarony. Both trying to capture the “Artelow Crown” and they again begins to control and hate each other. Therefore, the peacefulness slowly vanish, and encourage by their desires, with the aim at the “Castle of Noatun”, the pitiful past between the Gods and the ancestors again repeat by itself.

According to the fable, the person who get the “Artelow Crown” from the “Castle of Noatun”, will get the wisdom to restore the Door of Zipphire, which was destroy by the gods and the divine skills to release the power of “Gods Baptism”, thus to govern the whole world……

The Structure – Castle of Noatun:

Castle War Map
Castle of Noatun basically is being divided into “Town Zone” (the bottom left corner) and “Castle War Zone” (the top and the bottom right corner). “Castle War Zone” and the “Fartel Desert Zone” are separated by the stockade at the entrance of the Castle of Noatun. The outer edge of the stockade is a normal zone, therefore during the castle war, any PK activities took place in this zone will be assessed by the PK system.

When castle war begins, all the city gates as marked on the map will be closed, the Tower of Thor will appear at the outer city zone and the inner city zone. , the Tower of Thor will use its thunder strike to attack those enemies that trying to get close, but it will be damage if being attacked. The city gate that separated the “Town Zone” and “Castle War Zone” will not be damaged, and the gate can’t be opened during the castle war. Besides, guild members who capture the Castle of Noatun can make use of the Teleport Gate in their Guild Zone, to teleport to the “Castle War Zone”.

Teleports to “Castle War Zone”
Once the castle war started, excepts the members from the guild who captures the Castle of Noatun, the rest of the people will be teleport to a specified place outside the town. Then, they have to go through the Fartel Desert that located at the South of the kingdom to get to the Castle of Noatun. During the castle war, players are prohibited to use summons, teleport, teleport scroll when they are inside the Castle of Noatun, therefore they must done all the summons and teleports outside the castle war zone before hand.

During the castle war, players can use the teleport gate at each town to teleport to the “Town Zone” in the Castle of Noatun, but they won’t get to go thru the city gate that separated the town zone and the castle war zone.

Inclusive of those players that defense the city, as long as it is located between=. The Tower of Thunder God and the city gate, will be summons to other zone.